The Amazing Benefits of Shockwave Therapy in Ann Arbor

Discover a unique therapy that helps people with torn connective tissue, chronic joint pain, or arthritis return to pain-free living in 60 days without surgical intervention, lengthy at-home exercises, or numerous repetitive treatments, so they can return to their favorite work or hobbies without interference.

Acoustic wave therapy is a modern, non-invasive treatment that uses high intensity sound waves to interact with and help promote healing faster and more effectively with no downtime!

What are treatments like?

  • Sessions last about 10-15 minutes.

  • Most conditions are treated within 3-5 weekly sessions.

  • Each session is conducted without sedation and patients can resume most normal activity after treatment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Benefits

  • Fast Pain Relief

  • Non-Invasive

  • Improved Functionality

  • Short Treatment Times

  • Increased Mobility Cost-Effective

Discover Acoustic Wave Therapy, our unique solution to chronic pain and soft tissue injuries

Based on highly effective Shockwave Therapy, we combine years of experience, thousands of successful cases, and proven technology into a healing program that gets amazing results.

How is Acoustic Wave Therapy different from Shockwave Therapy or Tissue Regeneration Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is our unique solution that actually incorporates Shockwave Therapy. Patients receive all of the many benefits of shockwave therapy but also experience rapid healing and are less prone to re-injury as a result of our proprietary care process.

The team that completes your health journey

We believe in medical approaches that cause lasting relief, are non-invasive, and safe for our patients. Millions of Americans are searching for effective treatments that avoid medication and surgery, and still get great results. If this sounds like you, we have options that help!

Dr. Dan Geck




Addressing The Body As A Whole

Through coaching and mentoring, our team at Restorative Wellness Center guides you to good health.

It’s not always easy to incorporate a new lifestyle into your busy schedule.

With our step-by-step approach, you will make changes over time without the stress.

It will come easily and will change your life and future!

With a workable plan, proper coaching, encouragement, and accountability, you can succeed in reversing illness and achieving good health.

Allow us to support you in your journey to wellness.

At Restorative Wellness Center, we care for our patients using functional medicine.

Our methodology is simple but life-changing: Treat the underlying cause of a condition, not just the symptoms. Your environment, habits, diet, and other factors can play a part in sickness or a chronic condition. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of illness is preventable by correcting lifestyle factors – which means, lifestyle factors are an essential part of reversing any condition. Through customized lifestyle education, coaching, and supplemental outlines, our team develops a successful wellness program uniquely suited to your needs. We uncover the deep-rooted causes of your health complaints to address your problem at its source, reverse disease, and improve your body’s function. Educating and empowering yourself to take the right actions now can prevent worse afflictions in the future. And working to keep your body well from the inside out minimizes your need to rely on doctors for prescriptions.

Your dedicated "whole self" health care team in Ann Arbor.

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