Weight Loss

Holding Tomatoes

More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  It is becoming normal in America to be overweight.  This must change, and we have the solution!

Do you run away from cameras to avoid photos?

Are you holding onto old clothes waiting to fit in them again? 

Are you trying to look your best for that wedding next year?

Our weight loss program allows you to eat normal food, you’re not allowed to be hungry, it does not use medication or hormones, and you will lose weight FAST. 

If you have had trouble with weight loss, this unique, one-of-a-kind approach will turn things around for you.

The most common reason we have seen for why people do not lose weight is because their body does not burn fat for energy.  It burns sugar instead.

The second most common reason is that the body is becoming toxic, in unable to get rid of the toxins, and it holds on to fat and water to protect itself from its own toxicity. 

The time to address this is NOW.  Do not wait any longer.  Call for an appointment TODAY!

Patient Photos 

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Amy Wilhelm

left a year ago on Google

"Feeling great on the weight loss program!! The pounds are coming off, clothes are fitting better, less aches and pains and I have more energy! Learning to make life-long changes with my eating and becoming more healthy!!! So thankful for the support I have received from the staff as they help me on this journey!!!"