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More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for developing chronic health conditions, but it also impacts your self-confidence and ability to enjoy your life. So many Americans are overweight because losing weight and keeping it off on your own isn’t easy. But with a medical weight-loss program at Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you can take control over your weight. Book a free consultation online or call the clinic today to find out if a Restorative Wellness Center weight-loss program could be right for you.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is a medical weight-loss program?

Medical weight loss at Restorative Wellness Center is a doctor-supervised program that’s customized for you. It addresses the root cause – why it’s so difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long term – to help you achieve success and a healthier life.

The team understands that losing weight isn’t always easy. It can seem like a struggle of willpower. No matter how good your intentions are, life can get in the way of sticking to your diet and exercise plan, and you don’t lose the weight you thought you would.

The medical weight-loss program stops hunger and cravings before they start. By following simple principles of clinical nutrition, the program helps shift your body into fat-burning mode. When your body is burning fat, you’re losing weight.

What makes medical weight loss different?

Restorative Wellness Center is equipped with a team that’s knowledgeable about clinical nutrition. Many Americans have metabolisms that tend to burn sugar instead of fat. If you’re exercising and eating right, but you can’t shed the weight, it could be because your metabolism isn’t burning fat.

When you start a Restorative Wellness Center weight-loss program, you’ll take a few supplements that shift your metabolism from sugar-burning mode to fat-burning mode. When your body is burning fat, you lose weight. And because you’re burning fat, you don’t feel as hungry.

At Restorative Wellness Center, you don’t have to participate in rigorous exercise programs or take hormones and medications to lose weight. Once you begin losing weight, you may begin noticing less stomach bloating, fewer midday energy crashes, and more energy overall.

Is medical weight loss right for me?

If you’re overweight or obese, achieving a healthy weight can make a big difference for your health. Many people find that chronic conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol are improved or eliminated when their weight goes down. 

Being obese puts you at increased risk for a variety of serious health issues, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Digestive issues, like gallbladder disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis and joint pain
  • Sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced mobility
  • Depression

Losing weight takes extra strain off your body, which helps it operate more efficiently. Partnering with Restorative Wellness Center gives you the power to lose weight by burning fat and implementing lifestyle changes that last. 

Be sure to consult with your entire health care team before beginning any weight-loss or exercise program. To learn more about weight loss at Restorative Wellness Center, sign up for a free consultation. 

See the great success previous patients have achieved in the gallery below: 

  • Stan: lost 86 pounds

  • Karin: lost 140 pounds

  • Ruth: Lost 45 pounds

  • Tia: 45 pounds lost

  • Tia: holding 45 pounds of sugar!

You can find success and achieve lasting weight loss with help from Restorative Wellness Center. Book a consultation online or by phone to start your weight-loss journey today.


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