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Sometimes, modern medicine can’t explain the symptoms you’re experiencing. When that’s the case, finding treatment can be frustrating, or even impossible. But you don’t have to accept a life of pain and discomfort. If you’re suffering from unexplained digestive problems, pain, or another condition, functional medicine might be the solution. At Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, patients of all ages seek help uncovering the root cause of their symptoms. With holistic, natural, and drug-free treatment options, there’s hope at Restorative Wellness Center. Find out more by calling the clinic or booking an appointment online today.

Digestion & Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a branch of medicine that strives to identify the root cause of disease, illness, and other health conditions. While traditional medicine often focuses on treating symptoms without addressing the cause behind the symptoms, functional medicine takes a different approach.

All bodily systems are interconnected, and the symptoms you’re experiencing could have more than one cause. Functional medicine seeks to identify these causes and treat them to resolve symptoms naturally.

Instead of proposing prescription medications or invasive treatments, functional medicine utilizes natural, noninvasive treatment strategies to restore balance to the body and promote natural healing. Functional medicine rebuilds the body, giving it the power to fight symptoms on its own.

How do digestion and nutrition influence well-being?

Your digestive system plays an important role in your overall health. Gastrointestinal conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and acid reflux, are extremely common. These problems impact your body’s ability to function and can take a toll on your life.

Your diet, stress level, and prescription medications can affect digestive health, whether you’re aware of it or not. A poorly functioning digestive system can contribute to a variety of common health complaints. 

The team at Restorative Wellness Center understands the delicate balance of digestive health. When you treat digestive issues, seemingly unrelated health conditions can improve. Thyroid disorders, allergies, fibromyalgia, depression, and other issues can all have roots in digestive health.

What are the benefits of functional medicine?

When traditional medicine doesn’t seem to have the answers to your health issues, functional medicine could be the answer. Functional medicine can improve digestive health, stabilize hormones, manage weight, and treat thyroid disorders.

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of these conditions. By treating the root cause, your body’s natural healing process is elevated. Your body can tackle the symptoms and reverse them, instead of using treatments that simply covering them up with traditional medication.

Functional medicine employs detoxification, clinical nutrition, muscular and neural therapy, and other modalities to restore balance to your body. It’s this strategy that helps people manage chronic conditions and pain that don’t respond to traditional medicine.

For a different approach to wellness, consider the ways that functional medicine might fit into your life. Request an appointment by phone or online to get started on the path to healthier living.