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Millions of Americans are experiencing more chronic symptoms, worse digestion, worse sleep, increasing heart disease and diabetes…all while taking increased levels of medications.  

BUT, the body is designed to heal itself.  So why are we taking more meds and becoming less healthy?  Why are our bodies not healing properly?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

Do you struggle with digestive upset and constantly watch for the nearest bathroom?

Does your belly bloat up after you eat a healthy salad?

Welcome to our RESET, REMOVE, REBUILD program!


The body is designed to heal itself.  So why isn’t yours doing that?  Where does it all begin?


Your body should run well on its own.  It should be Self-Sufficient!  This means you can get up energized without coffee.  You can go to sleep without melatonin.  You can go to the bathroom without extra fiber.  Your body can handle an occasional day where you work all day and forget to eat because you make energy so well on your own.  You don’t get sweet cravings or nighttime cravings.  You don’t need to plan your day around the neighborhood bathroom locations.  You can forget to take Turmeric and still not have pain.  If this is the life you want, you may need our program.  You lose weight naturally without thinking too much about it.


The stress of life causes many people to shortcut their health in order to keep up.  Maybe you shortcut by skipping out on sleep, maybe you boost your morning with coffee, maybe you grab a quick bagel in the morning instead of something more nutritious, maybe you’re tired at the end of the day and eat a packaged dinner, maybe you don’t have time for pain so you take aspirin, maybe you never get deep rest at night, maybe you are allergic to Michigan.


Add to this the environment you live in: Constant exposure to pesticides in our food, water, and air.  Constantly around electromagnetic activity – computers, cellphones, cell towers, blue-light TV screens.  Regular intake of packaged or non-fresh foods that deplete rather than nourish you. 


At some point it all adds up, and you need a RESET! 

RESET: Our program resets you cravings, sleep patterns, and hunger cycles. 

REMOVE: Our program removes inflammation, toxins, allergens, bacteria, yeast and microbes. 

REBUILD: Our program rebuilds your immune defense system and replenishes your nutrient levels.

Then you heal.  Then you feel good.


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One more thing to think about…

We have massive amounts of stressors in this country that are often forgotten or ignored.  Think about your exposure to these things that most doctors don’t speak about:

  • Constant exposure to pesticides in our food, water, and air

  • Living in a sea of electromagnetic activity – computers running, television, cell phones, cell towers in our neighborhoods, blue light coming from computer monitors

  • Genetically modified foods

  • Packaged foods containing preservatives and stripped of enzymes and nutrient content

  • Foods prepared for long shelf-life that can’t be digested properly

  • Flavor enhancers, MSG, corn starch, Aspartame and chemical sweeteners

  • Antibiotic use 3 or more times in your life

  • Chronic lack of probiotics, natural vitamins in food, natural minerals in food

  • Regularly drinking and showering in tap water that is contaminated with chlorine, fluorine, and many chemicals and hormones

  • Use of skin creams and lotions, bug spray, perfumed products, hair and make-up…all with chemicals you can’t pronounce. (Your skin absorbs much of that, almost as if you ate it).

  • Regularly missing out on sleep and getting up tired, and charging through the day with caffeine and sugar.

You may just need a RESET!

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